quarta-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2012

Next Generation Series, Quartos de Final

Hoje, pelas 19H30 em Leiria, espero que os mais novos nos possam dar uma alegria.

Quarter Final 2, Next Generation Series:

Sporting Clube de Portugal X Inter Milan, Estádio dr. Magalhães Pessoa

Deixo aqui o retrato traçado do clube em http://www.nextgenseries.com :

Sporting Clube de Portugal

Founded more than 100 years ago, the Club was created with the intention of transforming into ‘a club as big as the biggest in Europe’.

With more than 3 million fans spread across every continent and hundreds of titles to its name, the Club is indeed living up to its ambitions.

Fuelling their drive to remain Portugal’s premier club, and one of the top sides in European competition, is Sporting’s modern and well equipped academy. A real source of pride, this academy has produced some of Portugal’s greatest, including: Ronaldo, Figo, Nani and Ferreira.

Established in June 2002, The Sporting/Puma Academy is the first of such size and quality to be built in Portugal. Also one of the largest and most modern in Europe it is set in a tranquil environment and climate, beneficial for the development of young players. A strong dedication to management and training leaves them prepared for any type of competition and provides a strategic pillar to the new Sporting.

Sporting´s expectations are high for The NextGen Series. For The Portuguese Club “Competing against some of the top teams in Europe will be an excellent motivator and opportunity for our players to develop their skills; giving them the needed experience to gain, in the near future, a place in our professional squad.”

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